Friday, December 14, 2012


The Bengals had better get their act together and fast.  That was all I kept thinking about, even after they forced three turnovers in the span of five minutes.  I wasn't thinking at all about their game against Philadelphia.  I was making a generalization.

The Bengals first half offense came out sharp and then fell back on some sort of entitled throne, perched on high, watching the game instead of playing it.  The Eagles led at halftime because of it 13-10.  Had this been an Andy Reid team of old, they wouldn't have relinquished that lead.

Andy Dalton, for the first time that I can remember in awhile, looked indecisive.  He seemingly pondered his throws instead of trusting his instinct.  The only reason A.J. Green ended up with a score was because of the tremendous field position. 

Which goes back to a point I made in my preview, that of the Eagles favoring the pass so much.  Philadelphia set up shot three times inside the Cincinnati ten yard line. Thursday night.  Twice they settled for field goals.  Twice they let Bryce Brown go without a single carry.  Fantasy owners take note: Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg are out to show Philadelphia upper management and ownership what, if anything, they have in Nick Foles.  Granted, it's not the final test by any means, but it does suggest that Bryce Brown and the running game in general might suffer in situations where otherwise they'd be a lock to do some damage.  Brown's fumbling problems aside, he's a talented back.  But he'll have to get that under control if he's going to take more snaps, and he has a major ball security issue.

Riley Cooper scored his third touchdown since Foles took over.  It's a scary thought that he might be someone to slide into your lineup, but Foles seems to find him whenever the Eagles near the end zone.