Monday, August 26, 2013

Friends and readers of the blog:

It's with great excitement and enthusiasm that I have been hired by to provide the weekly NFL previews I brought you here the last few years. 

DFSEdge is a site focused on the newest type of fantasy gaming, that of daily fantasy games.  Columns are focused on giving you the best advice from a daily fantasy perspective (more relevant to baseball than football), to help you compete in the newest and most profitable form of fantasy gaming out there: daily fantasy gaming. Sites like,, and provide you the chance for you to pit your knowledge against thousands of other fantasy on-line gamers, by drafting a new team each day.  No long seasons to have to manage your way through -- this is a chance to turn you knowledge into $$ now.  And because this kind of gaming involves analysis it is totally legal.

I'm proud to affiliated with and hope your readership will follow me there. Other articles will run here, so feel free to check in occasionally for specific pieces on players I'm following.

Monday, August 19, 2013


If you've never heard Joe speak or read anything he's written, you're missing out on a baseball aficionado.  For me, in person Joe often comes off as a bit of a condescending cynic, but one thing is for certain, his writing chops are outstanding, and his takes on baseball events are often unique and dead on.

In this case, Joe's blog today is right on the money.  While I'm an anti-PED guy, I'm not simply castigating A-Rod as the poster boy for such things, nor do I agree in any way that really this is about our kids.

I leave you with Joe's blog entitled TEACH YOUR CHILDREN. WELL?  For reference you can find his blog here.