Thursday, July 6, 2017


As any of you who have read or followed this blog probably figured out by now, this once was a blog set up after I decided writing I would write my takes on sports and fantasy sports alike.  I linked it to my Twitter account so my tweets would also post here.   My days of doing this kind of work without pay came to an end awhile ago, and my writing solely about fantasy sports, feels insignificant in a market flooded with 'experts' on what is a terrific industry, but one that still takes massive advantages of its writers.

You who followed and read, and stayed with me -- thank you.

My writings are now being published in short stories and hopefully, a forthcoming novel (going to take me a year probably to get this done).

The topics I blog about now can be found on a separate blog --  My voice is better used this way.

My Twitter account will be discontinued from posting here, and will be eventually set up to post there.

Thank you for all your views, reads, thoughts etc.

Best wishes.

Jonathan Phillips