Thursday, December 6, 2012


Ok, so I missed this boat slightly.  I didn't recommend Knowshon Moreno, and with good reason.  You saw how pitiful the Denver red zone offense was and is.  The Broncos were 2-for-7 inside the 20.  Then, you need to consider several factors that had to happen to make Moreno's day even better than it should have been.  The Broncos lost Demaryius Thomas to injury, meaning Matthew Willis was out there for a lot more snaps.  Second, the already banged up Raiders defense lost safeties Tyvon Branch (he returned) and Michael Huff and Mike Mitchell in the defensive backfield.  With Rolando McClain already out of the middle, the run support was even more compromised, and that made Moreno's day much better than it might have otherwise been.   One more note, Moreno rushed for 119 yards, but it took him 32 carries to get there.  If you played him, congrats on bucking the odds.

As for Oakland, the biggest worry for someone who owns Caron Palmer might be the organization’s desire to see what they have in Terrelle Pryor and/or Matt Leinart  Remember Palmer is starting to get up there in age, and at 3-10, the Raiders have little to play for other than the role of spoiler.  Should Pryor be given an opportunity, you have to downgrade all offensive weapons, particularly the receivers.  Darren McFadden’s first game back saw Oakland press him into service for a two-to-one advantage in carries with Marcel Reece, and McFadden ended up with a receiving touchdown.  For the second straight week Rod Streater was the tops of all WR, this time for receptions for 100 yards.