Monday, October 17, 2011


So, now what Cowboys fans?

Yes, I'm looking at you. You wanted the responsibility. Hell, you begged for it. You found a way to scapegoat Tony Romo into a place where Head Coach Jason Garrett made a crucial mistake – he listened to you.

That's right. He heard you loud and clear. Game in hand, chance to close it out, and boom, three straight running plays to their third string running back. No chance of an interception, right? No chance the Cowboys fans can complain about that, right?

I think there isn't a team right now I'd rather play than the Cowboys. Oh yeah, they're good and all, but they're now going to need a team psychiatrist for both Jason Garrett and Tony Romo.

And how many Cowboys fans are willing to take the blame on this one? Why don't you just come out and admit the moment stopped liking him. Both you and I know when you stopped liking him; the moment he started dating Jessica Simpson. That's where he stopped being 'the little guy who could' for you and became one of 'them'. No one will forget Jessica in her pink Cowboys jersey. That was the moment Romo stopped being the every man for a lot of people. Be honest with yourselves.

Just don't tell me this has to with football. Tony Romo is a three-time Pro Bowler. He has a career 95.2 passer rating, has a career completion rate of over 64 percent, averages over eight yards per toss, has thrown 58 more touchdowns than interceptions, and has a record of 41-25.


I think the Raiders will be more than happy to take him off your hands for you.

So step up Cowboys fans. Take the blame for allowing the media to run rampant with your idea that Tony Romo is the problem. Swallow the fact you've posed a question that Tony Romo isn't a winner.

Then come back after another unsuccessful campaign and do what you should have done all along….support the guy and shut up!