Sunday, October 9, 2011

THE FANTASY TOP 5's - Week 5

Matt Ryan - Turner will get carries but go nowhere.  Ryan is going to have to be the man today.

Michael Vick - He's determined not to let Buffalo do what San Francisco did

Eli Manning - Seems to be in a groove and gets a pretty weak defense

Drew Brees - has no one simple receiver - Sproles could be a Top 5 today

Matthew Stafford - He's the reason Detroit's offense goes

Fred Jackson - Fitzpatrick will find him on screens, flares and he'll run aplenty

Darren McFadden - just too good to not give Houston fits

Arian Foster - worried he could yield 1/3 his carries to Tate today

LeSean McCoy - Hopefully the Eagles learn that running is a way to use up the clock

Jonathan Stewart - The Saints defense is overly opportunistic

Roddy White - One of the most targeted receivers in the league and facing a terrible pass defense right now

Greg Jennings - has eaten Atlanta the last few games. 

Mike Wallace - Tennessee's biggest concern today.

Steve Smith - Newton has to throw to someone

Sidney Rice - History against the G-men is very good.

Jimmy Graham - Quickly becoming a top tight end and Brees' favorite red zone target. 

Tony Gonzalez - Steady as a rock.

Brandon Pettigrew - Growing into the role they saw for him when they drafted him.

Rob Gronkowski - Not as athletic as Aaron Hernandez, but five TDs this year.

Jared Cook - A hunch that with Britt gone, he's going to be a cog in the Steelers defensive plans.

Bengals - Top defense against a weak offense.

Saints - Opportunistic team against a (very good) rookie QB.

Colts - Speed and KC's lack of runners could make this a good day for Indy.

Lions - Solid pass rush against a problematic Chicago line.

Vikings - Solid against the rush, and Kolb has been interception prone.

Mason Crosby - Atlanta held GB last year to all FGs if GB wasn't set after a turnover.

Ryan Longwell - Minny having trouble in the red zone.

Rian Lindell - Think the difference in the game will be Philly getting TDs, Buffalo settling.

David Akers - SF offense is not something I believe in.

Adam Vinatieri - Painter likely to play conservative in the red zone.