Thursday, October 27, 2011


There isn't a more damning reaction to Terrell Owens' comeback attempt than the fact his quarterback of yesteryear, Carson Palmer, has no desire to reunite with him in Oakland.  When you consider the Oakland Raiders' receivers this is what you see: Darius Heyward-Bey has vastly improved this year over last, but still isn't considered an elite talent, at least not yet.  Jacoby Ford has great speed but is small and an injury hazard, something that also plagues Louis Murphy (also, mediocre hands) and Chaz Schilens.  Then there's Denarius Moore, who has shown glimpses of great talent, but is still a rookie.  Yet Palmer was willing go on the record on radio and say he likes the guys he's playing with in Oakland.

"The problem is that for him to get here there's not anybody that we could let go." 

It doesn't take much to read between those lines to know he isn't about to support the fallen receiver, even though he was his top target last year.

As follow-up to the blog I wrote the other day about Terrell Suggs and his comments, this should be fair warning to young players in the NFL.  If you choose the path Owens did, wherein you make yourself bigger than everyone else around (even if it's deserved) and withdraw your team's goodwill,  then when the time comes where you want to call in that favor, even if you're the best talent out there, you might find your coffer empty.

Owens was reported as saying, "I only need one team," Owens told the NFL Network on Tuesday. "I only need one chance."I have a feeling he's had one chance too many. 

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To date, the one phone call he reportedly received came from the Chicago Rush of the Arean Football League.