Thursday, September 6, 2012

COWBOYS/GIANTS - T&R (thoughts and revelations)

Welcome Kevin Ogletree to the fantasy waiver wire, as teams now grab Dallas' third wide receiver option for their respective benches.  Don't go crazy kids.  Ogletree proved that he's got great hands, and more importantly, is a smart football player.  He read the situation inside the red zone beautifully last night to slide deep behind the linebacker coverage on his first touchdown, and caught the game-sealing pass on third and ten, getting beyond the sticks.  Those two plays solidify him as someone the coaches will trust moving forward.  However, he's no more than a slot possession receiver, and when you consider Jason Witten was fresh off a plane and unpracticed, he becomes the equivalent of Lance Moore in the New Orleans offense at best.  That's assuming they'll continue to use him as a red zone target. 

Victor Cruz wasn't dancing last night.

Victor Cruz had a game he'd rather forget, and one that might make nervous fantasy owners trigger happy about a trade possibility.  He dropped three perfect passes, completions that would have continued drives and changed the games' outcome.  Savvy owners won't give into the temptation to sell him, but if you can get Cruz for someone like Dwayne Bowe or even Steve Johnson, I'd do it.  The reason is simple - the Giants still can't run the football.  Ahmad Bradshaw got better as the game went on, but on their first red zone possession, the Giants failed to gain a yard rushing inside the five yard line.  Last year, the Giants were the worst on team rushing on short yardage situations, and it appears little has changed.  Even Bradshaw's touchdown run was one of his own making.  He slipped through what may have been the first hole in the left side of the Dallas line, then simply outmanuevered Morris Claiborne to get to the outside and score.  David Wilson did himself no favors with his first quarter fumble, hearkening back to his coughing problems at Viriginia Tech.  However, he will loom large as the season continues and Bradshaw's health comes into question.


1) The Dallas secondary is vastly improved with Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne.  That doesn't mean there won't be some hiccups, but keeping Hakeem Nicks and Cruz in check isn't easy. 

2) Martellus Bennett has a chance for a breakout year in a Giants offense that was looking for its replacement for Jake Ballard and will struggle to run the ball.

3) Tony Romo has an excellent receiving corps., as evidenced by Dez Bryant's physicality in using his body to get a few catches, and Miles Austin's leaping grab between two defenders, leading to his fourth quarter score.  There may be no better tandem, athletically speaking, in all of football.

4) The Cowboys committed 13 penalties.  They won't win many division match ups like this with that kind of performance.  If it continues, expect a quick fall from the label they may get now: division favorites.